Accuracy, Quality & Safety.


As a supplier of pressure-sensitive pharmaceutical labeling, we understand the unique demands and requirements necessary in providing accurate labeling solutions for the healthcare industry.

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Labeling must be designed and applied so the labels remain affixed and maintain their integrity, regardless of conditions which may occur during distribution, storage and use.

Strict Pharmaceutical SOP's control quality, traceability and documentation through each production step. We have the printing technologies and dedicated production facilities to ensure that all your printing and packaging needs are in compliance with FDA cGMP guidelines.

Machine vision systems are employed, as well as OCR/ OCV (Optical Character Recognition/Optical Character Verification) readers.

  • Label Integrity – printing processes ensure your label remains legible throughout the product's lifespan.
  • Quality Systems – internal systems and processes ensure your labels are printed correctly each time.

Pharmaceutical Labeling Solutions...

Primary Product Labels
  • Incorporate overt / covert security features
  • Prints up to 14 colors in one pass
  • Patterned adhesives
  • UV cured inks & coatings
Expanded Content Labels (ELC)
  • 2- ply construction
  • Resealable features
  • Fold-out & booklet style labels
Booklet Labels
  • Affixed to pressure-sensitive base
  • Prints up to 8 pages
  • Ideal for large amounts of information including any instructional copy, multiple languages, and regulatory information
Tamper-Evident Tapes & Seals
  • Security features include hidden graphics that leave behind a residual message when removed
  • Standard "VOID" or custom tamper-evident messages

Packaging Inserts & Outserts
  • Available in all types & sizes
  • Prints up to 8 colors
  • Direct-to-consumer package inserts
  • Extensive folding capabilities for large outserts
  • Multi-packing, Twinserting, & Combo Inserts
  • Offset & flexographic printing processes