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asset protection labels

Labels, Security Tapes & Seals combine tamper-evident features, thermal & security inks for protection

Tamper-Evident products such as Labels, Security Tapes and Seals utilize a VOID print feature that provides an "instant" visible evidence of opening, tampering, or pilfering. Designed to provide security for your brand and the consumer, these products can be customized to your labeling and packaging requirements.

Pressure - Sensitive Materials: Security products are available in a variety of face stocks & adhesives.

asset protection labels
  • Overlaminates protect barcode, product information and art from damage & degradation.
  • Security Products can be printed with logos, graphics, serial numbers, barcodes or variable printed control information.
asset protection labels
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Tamper- evidence is visible when product is opened, tampered with, or pilfered

  • Gain consumer brand confidence & customer assurance with "Visible" safety features.
  • Product safety is critical in food & beverage, drug, and medical device industries.
  • Authentication for Collectibles
  • Self-destructing security labels are available for "Vandal-Proofing" your products.
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  • Tamper- Evident Labels cannot be removed without showing visible signs of damage.
  • Security fibers & inks, only visible under UV light will provide your brand with protection & authentication.

When you need brand protection.