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Easy-to-Use Labeling Solutions for Enterprise-Wide & Stand-Alone Label Applications.

Advanced Label Design & Integration Software

CODESOFT 9 offers the most powerful solution for data connectivity, security & interoperability in enterprise-wide label printing.

CODESOFT 9 is the best choice for advanced label design, allowing your company to grow into more sophisticated and automated applications.

Speaks Your Language

If you need to have labels printed internationally, CODESOFT allows you to connect the label to any UNICODE data including text files and databases.

CODESOFT 9 is now available and supported in 24 languages.

Powerful Integration

CODESOFT 9 is the best choice, whether you need simple front-end or complex printing integration. Utilize its WYSIWYG interface for front-end label design when printing on other operating systems.

CODESOFT 9 gives developers the option of creating & printing labels dynamically, or using CODESOFT 9 for designing and printing on either the server or mobile side.

Unparalleled Printer Support

CODESOFT 9 supports over 2,100 thermal/thermal transfer printers and all Windows-based printers. CODESOFT's high-speed, bi-directional drivers lets you to take advantage of all printer features.

You'll be able to print large label runs in a very short period of time. Its intuitive interface, allows operators to easily specify printer options including print speed, cut settings, real-date and time stamps (ISO).

Reduce Time Spent Designing Labels

LABELVIEW 9 allows you to create all your labels using wizards, reducing the time spent from initial label design to print time.

Reduce Errors

Form Designer allows you to create custom forms for accurate data entry. LABELVIEW 9 has an updated printing interface for label previewing.

Increase Productivity

LABELVIEW has a redesigned interface, simplified database connections, and more streamlined data entry

This allows you to design & print your labels in a much shorter period of time.

Easy Entrance into Enterprise Printing Solutions

As your label business grows, you can easily expand your labeling solutions.

LABELVIEW 9 allows for a seamless transition to TEKLYNX enterprise products.

Maximize Your Advertising and Marketing with QR Codes

Keep your company ahead of the game in the advertising & marketing world, with QR Codes. Deliver interactive content to customers through QR Code scanning via the Smartphone.

LABEL MATRIX PowerPro is an affordable option for the creation of QR Codes, allowing you to maximize your advertising & marketing efforts.

Design Labels with Ease

It's hard to believe that something this easy, could also be so powerful. LABEL MATRIX contains helpful design wizards, to assist you from printer selection, to database setup, to 2D bar code configuration.

LABEL MATRIX is the most efficient package for your occasional label printing needs.

Samples & Templates to Fast Track Your Labeling

LABEL MATRIX comes complete with hundreds of label samples and templates, from address labels to RFID labels. Print Avery mailing labels right out of the box, to any printer.

LABEL MATRIX allows users to meet virtually any compliance labeling requirement.

Supports Any Printer

LABEL MATRIX supports over 2,100 thermal/thermal transfer printers and virtually any Windows-based printer. LABEL MATRIX has specialized drivers that allow you to take advantage of all printer features.

Robust Database Support

You can attach multiple relational databases with an unlimited number of key search fields.

Not very experienced working with database files? No problem! The LABEL MATRIX Database Wizard will walk you through the process step by step.

Other Labeling Software is available.
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  • Advanced label design and integration software
  • Best choice for label printing in an Enterprise environment
  • RFID Label Printing
  • Buyers are typically IT

  • Simple yet powerful software
  • Best choice for designing & printing labels daily
  • Beginning to Advanced Users
  • RFID Label Printing

  • Familiar Windows interface
  • Small learning curve
  • Guides user through Label creation
  • Easy-to-use RFID interface