A regional transit company informed us they were having issues with pilferage and fraudulent color copying of a Parking Permit. The Permit authorized management personnel to park their cars for free in city-authorized lots. Through an audit of annual parking costs, the company realized they were incurring parking bills that far exceeded their annual projected costs.

The original design was a 2- color, 2- sided printed "Hang Tag" that hung from the car mirror. The Parking Permit copy was generic, did not change month to month, and its only internal control was a red consecutive number, without a "Guaranteed NO Missing Numbers" print feature. As a result, identifying which numbers were in the print run was difficult.


A FormTech "Document Specialist" met with the transit company's management team to discuss project goals. After a review of the document and business system, a new design was offered for the Parking Permit that incorporated several forms of Document Security.

FormTech's multi-level approach utilizes a unique 4- color process image. The featured "design element" changes monthly, leaving scam artists unable to recreate the unique art. The Permit design incorporates a patented "VOID" feature as a hidden background image. If color copying is attempted the word "VOID" appears, making duplication of the Permit almost impossible.

The new parking permit would have additional built-in Document Security including:

  • "Guaranteed NO Missing Numbers" print feature, mechanically applied during manufacturing and "Guaranteed" to produce a continuous stream of numbers – without any missing numbers. This provides for an easy audit of produced numbers.
  • A 2- color consecutive control number that bleeds to the back of the Parking Permit. This number is mechanically crashed into the Permit stock. It bleeds through the paper and leaves a faint blue outline around the red number. This would not be picked-up by digital scanning.
  • A custom-designed Tamper-Evident Sealing Tape that doesn't reseal but delaminates. This clearly indicates to warehouse personnel that cartons were tampered with.


A "Guaranteed NO Missing Consecutive Numbering" provides a verifiable string of numbers that are accurately audited for each production run.

A 2-color consecutive number that bleeds is controlled by the revenue department and issued privately to individuals. This feature is impossible to recreate on a color copier. It also allows for easy visual inspections & permit authentication by security personnel.

Incorporating these multiple forms of Document Security, FormTech Printing’s redesigned Parking Permit eliminated duplication & pilferage, reduced the company’s annual parking costs and built integrity back into the business system.

Document Security Application


  • Unique 4-color process image that changes-out on monthly basis
  • Patented "VOID" Feature, Duplication is impossible
  • "Guaranteed No Missing Numbers" print feature
  • 2-Color consecutive control number bleeds through back of stock
  • Tamper-Evident Feature