A few years ago, a major US Pharmaceutical company contacted us in a panic, late on a Friday afternoon, because thieves had broken into their supply chain.

Their product, a popular cancer drug sold to millions, was being relabeled and repackaged with an inferior drug that represented only 12% of the efficacy of the original formula. As a direct result of the inferior counterfeit drug, patients conditions worsened and some expired.


That night, FormTech "Labeling Specialists" met with the pharma corporate
packaging and labeling personnel, to collaborate and devise a plan to counter the
illegal activity. When product samples involved in the scheme were analyzed,
they revealed both the label and the carton were not originals, but recreated phonies.
The pharma company realized they had not used labeling and packaging that was tamper-proof.

FormTech proposed tamper-proof print features for both products. The redesign would now utilize a serialized Hologram Label with an RFID distribution carton label. The packaging would also contain a custom-designed Tamper- Evident Sealing Tape.

Implementing these new anti-counterfeiting solutions would ensure product safety and continued brand confidence. The redesigned labeling and packaging would include:

  • A unique control number issued for each batch of product
  • The incorporation of a multi-tiered image that is practically impossible to recreate
  • The addition of a track & trace print feature to identify every carton of product
  • A visual packaging sealing solution that would make product tampering obvious to all warehouse and distribution personnel.


Working around the clock, FormTech’s expert design & systems staff created, proofed, produced and shipped these products within seven (7) working days to the customer.

The redesign of the labeling & packaging system helped prevent further product tampering & theft. This multi- level solution eliminated any future possibility of counterfeiting, ultimately saving patients’ lives.

The pharmaceutical company realized immediate results and maintains these Anti-Counterfeiting print techniques today.

Drug Labeling & Packaging Application


  • Hologram Labels protect against counterfeiting –eliminating risk to patients
  • Tamper-Evidence is now visible when product has been opened, tampered with, or pilfered
  • RFID Technologies will track & trace all products through the supply chain to the consumer